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“I’m really glad I found you guys! I would have never believed that there was such a service available.”
– Tina F.

“I saw one of your trucks yesterday and the bumper sticker “What would Scooby do?” was hilarious”
– Guy S.

“Thank you for squeezing in cleaning up my yard last weekend. I didn’t know until the last minute that the party was at MY house.”
– Carrie P.

“I appreciate that you bring in my garbage cans while you’re here cleaning my yard. It’s getting more and more difficult for me to get around, and it really is a help.”
– Anne P.

“Mel, I want to personally thank Theresa for noticing the problem with my pool. She saved me a very expensive repair by calling me to let me know what was going on.”
– Tom T.

“Your service is great. No more fighting with the kids to clean up the yard.”
– John R.

“I just saw one of your trucks on the road and called ASAP to set up service for my mother in law. Now I don’t have to worry so much about my kids playing in her yard.”
– Mitch M.

“My dogs get so excited when they see you coming. Must be the treats!”
– Bill B.

“I’m glad my neighbor gave me a gift certificate for your company. What a great idea. I’m going to be getting some for my friends now.”
– Eddie P.

“A small price to pay for piece of mind. And no more stepping in hidden land mines.”
– Bruce H.

“How soon can you get me back on schedule? After my husband said he’d rather do it himself, he quickly decided it was definitely worth the money.”
– Patty P.

“Thank you cleaning up the horrible mess my tenants left behind. It’s not something I would have wanted to do. And the new tenants will be calling to make arrangements to continue your service”.
– Lynne C.